Yayoi Kusama : I Who Have Arrived In Heaven

David Zwirner Gallery : November 8th – December 21st, 2013



Yayoi Kusama’s poignant love poem to art, life and its reconciliation, death.  The poem appears just outside  “Love Is Calling” (2013), a new infinity installation and “selfie” paradise.


Residing in a Castle of Shed Tears

When the time comes around for people to encounter the end of their life

having put on years, death seems to be quietly approaching

It was not supposed to be my style to be frightened of that, but I am

In the shadows of my loved ones footprints, distress revisits me at the dead of night refreshing my memories

Being in love with and longing for you, I have locked myself up in this “castle of shed tears”

Now may be the time for me to wander off into the place, the guidepost to the other world points to

And the sky is waiting for me, attended by numerous clouds

Overwhelmed by your tenderness that has always encouraged me

I have been searching for “love” in earnest taking my wish for happiness along

Let me call out to and ask the birds flying about in the sky

I want to convey to them my feelings

Over many long years, with art as a weapon

I have treaded the path in search of love

During the days I have lived through keeping “despair”, “emptiness” and “loneliness” all to myself along the way

there were times when the fireworks of life “splendidly” adorned the sky

Dancing in the night sky in a myriad of colors, the fireworks sprinkled dust all over my body

I will never forget that exhilarating moment

Now I think is the time to dedicate my heart to you, my dearest

Was the beauty of the end of one’s life nothing more than illusion?

Would you give me an answer to this?

Devoting all my heart to you, I have lived through to this day

Hoping to leave beautiful footprints at the end of my life

I spend each day praying that my wish will be fulfilled

This is my message of love to you