Vaintino Film Works

Writer/Director Vaintino discusses his projects revolving around the character Lionel Fantom.  The Story is about a wealthy and famous Dj going into a spiritual revolution, fighting to keep a grip on reality. Redefining through his expression what reality had become in his mind. The protagonist Lionel Fantom is a conduit for various entities; Ninjinsky, Baudlaire, Rimbaud, Tupac and Lorca. Taking them out of the individual, out of their social context, beyond space, time, creed, and culture and into a spiritual context. Stripping them of their ego in Room Ninety Nine, where they meet for the same purpose.

A monologue entitled “4 to 7” has been adapted for stage and will be performed by the talented Kevin Leonard at the historic Gene Frankel Theater at 24 Bond St. on September 8th and 9th.  Lionel fantom at gene frankel(1)

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