Kate Gilmore, “Wall Bearer” at Socrates Sculpture Park is Courtesy of the Artist and David Castillo Gallery.

Every year Socrates Sculpture Park offers its space to exhibit the work of fifteen local artists. The annual Emerging Artist Fellowship (EAF) initiative provides an opportunity to showcase the work of artists who need financial support while promoting art among the public. During four months the park is provided with experimental and traditional art. The park located in Long Island City, Queens, along the East River. The space offers endless opportunities for the artists, who took advantage of good length of open field. The works integrate well with the ground; some of them interact with the park, the river, or the urban skyline.


Jordan Driska, “DOLOS”, 2014, Acrylic, 12’ x 12’ x 12’

Right at the entrance you can see the most dominant work, Zag Landsberg’s NYPD “SkyWatch Spider,” 2014, a monolith of surveillance almost in the middle of the park. The work is reminiscent of ToroLab’s “Securitree,” 2004.  For other works you have to look closer to appreciate, like Christopher Mahonski’s “Spurious Brood,” which consists of digital watches strapped to branches of a tree. His work reflects the relationship between nature and time. All the sculptures have a visual and intellectual purpose and engage the viewer in the round, as sculpture should.


Zag Landsberg “SKYWATCH SPIDER”, 2014 Wood, steel, Plexiglass 17’ x 28’ x 28’


Eto Otitigbe, “CORNER”, 2014 Viroc, vinyl, plywood 5’ x 5’ x 10’


Meredith James, “FAR FROM THIS SETTING IN WHICH I NOW FIND MYSELF”, 2014 Wood, latex paint 12’ x 12’ x 24’


Heidi Lau, “THE CAVE”, 2014, Stucco and glazed ceramics, dimensions variable


Heidi Lau, “THE CAVE”, (detail)2014,  Stucco and glazed ceramics, dimensions variable

The Emerging Artist Fellowship at Socrates Sculpture Park exhibition runs until March 22, 2015.