a pen of all work
February 8th to April 17th, 2017 at the New Museum

For Raymond Pettibon, “Art comes after the fact, a witness to certain things that have happened.”  The artist’s show at the New Museum is like being engulfed by a comic book: cartoon terms of endearment as a reflection of life worth living.   All his passions are laid bare on the three main floors of the museum.  The imagery covers everything from surfing to sexuality from baseball to politics to zombies on acid.  His off-beat sense of humor mixed with a stoic philosophy lends the imagery its tongue-in-cheek levity where classical literature finds a bazaar placard.  Pettibon grew up in Hermosa Beach, California where he a helped bring fame to his brother’s band, Black Flag, with its iconic logo and now infamous flyers. He took his west coast attitude to New York seven years ago where he has continued to develop his own particular iconography and passing notions of a peculiar angst.  Raymond Pettibon is like a singular Odd Couple, Feliz and Oscar put together, obsessively loose and a true punk.

Here are some snapshots of the installation . . .