In a city that is constantly evolving, the beauty that remains and survives, will be highlighted in 2013.

2013 marks many landmark anniversaries.  Grand Central Station, the grande dame of depots, turns 100 years old.  The famous Armory Show of 1913, which began the continental shift in the art world from Paris to New York, also celebrates its centennial.   And with heroic anticipation, the spectacle that is One World Trade Center reaches completion at 103 stories, the highest building in the world.

We will also pay close attention to the New York Central Library on 42nd Street.  Today, this great Carrere and Hastings building is caught up in a struggle for its renovation and with it, the fate of its integral design.


Patience and Fortitude by Romy Ashby                                                                            Simon Lund: Photography
Bryant Park and New York Public Library, 1914. Courtesy Library of Congress.Untitled-2