Bergdorf Goodman: Inspired!

There is nothing more “in the spirit of the Holiday Season” than walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City.  From Rockefeller Center to Bergdorf Goodman, every detail seduces perfectly, shop windows glow outward enticing passerby.

This years Holiday Windows at 5th/58th are a little different from years past.  The display takes its theme from one word: Inspired! And inspiration leads directly to the arts.

Bergdorf Goodman’s designer, David Hoey, explains: “We decided to base each window on a major art form, drawing equally from the fine arts, performing arts and applied arts. For our main windows, we settled on literature, architecture, theater, painting, music, dance, sculpture and film. Each window would be designed independently from the others. Each would be made from its own set of materials. But the entire set of windows would constitute a sort of eight-lesson course in art appreciation.”


Installation detail of “Architecture” window display at Bergdorf Goodman.  Fashion by Julien Macdonald

All of the architectural elements are made out of actual blueprints.  The cobalt palette gives off a particularly genteel atmosphere that perfectly matches the omnipresent chalk line feature of the trade. The sophistication of New York City’s own magnificent structures reflect on the scene, adding to the grandeur.


Detail of “Literature,” Fashion by Alice + Olivia and Prada

The “Literature” window display has all the passion of a D.H. Lawrence novel.  Bathed in red, the scene is entirely constructed of fabric and features images of the great bards of past.


Fashion by Naeem Khan, Jewelry by Kentshire on 7


Detail of “Theater,”  Fashion by Julien Macdonald

As Mr Hoey concludes, “We are interested in traditional craftsmanship and the revival of old-school techniques.”  How refreshing are these windows that highlight the importance of the arts, even as they promote the businesses behind the facade, we are reminded of the talented work and craft that goes into our culture in general.

Enjoy the windows on Fifth. Bergdorf Goodman’s famous window display will be up until January 2nd, 2015.