Alexis Dahan’s clever installation, “We serve selected texts,” is an exercise in metaphysics disguised as a hotdog cart.  Instead of frankfurters, one can purchase a hand stamped scroll with texts from a variety of great figures in history of thought.   The work comments on the art world system complicit with commodity culture.  The positioning of the installation in Chelsea arts district is an intervention along the lines of situationist theory.  The token gesture of paying for philosophical thought brings into question the value of art and its relative consumption as exchanged goods and services.

The juxtaposition between fast food and a meditation on theoretical texts and philosophy may require and a elixir of digestif but fortunately Dahan has broken up his offerings into heavy theory and lighter excerpts.  The audience can “create a well-balanced diet of ingredients.”  Taste the difference.

Alexis Dahan  “We serve selected text”  November 1st-23rd, 2013 – Located on 22nd and 21st Sreet (between 10th and 11th Avenue.)  Photo: Alexis Dahan

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