Museum of Modern Art, Wednesday, March 29th – Sunday, April 2, 2017
Albert Einstein once said, “we dance to create dreams.”  It is true, we dance for madness, fear, hope, tears and laughter.  Like music, dance is a flowing, poetic, and magical expression capable of breaking the language barrier, transforming space into something uniquely beautiful.  Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s five-day performance exhibition in the atrium of MoMA is a testament to the circularity of the universe and all living things within it.  The Belgian choreographer has created a vortex of solemnity with Work/Travail/Arbeid.  The work grew out of the minimalist music of Steve Reich, where time is stretched, condensed, or as simple as the rhythm of a heartbeat.  The choreography embraces a natural sense of geometry, womb-like parameters of the “workday.”  This “workday” invites interactions with the crowd that is allowed to participate and enter the sphere in which the dancers and musicians perform.  This element provides a fresh intensity and proximity to art as the dancers whirl around the spectators shifting their own nature in the process.